Development and production

Development and production

Jing Sheng in R & D department, our highlyprofessional staff focus on coils, sensors and solenoid valves in the field ofresearch breakthroughs. Therefore, new ideas are emerging to make our existingproducts more efficient, more reliable, safer and more environmentally friendly.We are committed to providing customers with high performance, high precisionand excellent price of automotive electronic products.


To do good work must first sharpen his tools.

Thecompany has a strong R & D and testing capabilities, leading testingequipment, improve the environmental testing equipment, but also withwell-known universities jointly developed the electromagnetic properties of avariety of professional testing equipment, continuous innovation and progress.

Automatedproduction lines are housed in the 100,000 purification plant are assembledfrom complete final packaging of products to detect in this workshop.


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