Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

Innovationand transformation in the future. For us, corporate social responsibility orsustainability means that our technological innovation not only economicconsiderations, but also consider ecological and social factors.

Business Research

Ourcorporate mission staff did not forget to work hard. Jing Sheng in research anddevelopment, they focus on the field coils, solenoid valves and otherbreakthrough innovations through technical cooperation with TsinghuaUniversity, SoutheastUniversity and other institutions of higher education, continue to strengthenthe electromagnetic force analysis, research material characteristics, finiteelement analysis capability, at the same time developed a variety of specialtest equipment.


Economic Benefits

Fromthe calculations to test, we continue to explore research, in order to providecustomers with more efficient, to achieve maximum economic efficiency of theproduct. By collecting performance data components, crystal Sheng constantlyoptimize production equipment, extend maintenance intervals and reduce costs.Through a full range of support services, we ensure the continued productivityand economic efficiency of the product.


Social Responsibility

Environmentalissues are affecting the process of a series of changes for all of us. We arecommitted and devoted to improve energy efficiency and help reduce emissions ofenvironmental protection work, which is an important driving force for thedevelopment of our business. Through technological innovation, trying toachieve maximum economic benefits for our customers, we also contribute toenvironmental protection. We firmly believe that innovation and lead the futurepower.

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